Hi ho hi ho its off to school we go…

We think we may have found the perfect play school/creche for Aaron.  Its round the corner from both home and work, the hours fit in perfectly with my work hours in the morning, its very unstructured, lots of playing and music, on fridays the kids bake challah and the cost per month is really reasonable.

We are going on Tuesday to take a look and if Aaron gives it his stamp of approval then he will probably start going 1st of June.

Paul is a bit hesitant to send him to ‘school’ but he know that Aaron needs the interaction with other children and the additional stimulation that play school will provide.  Our housekeeper, Aletta, is also not so sure about sending him, she keeps telling me its too cold and he should really only start in summer, I think she is going to miss him.

I know he is ready to go, he loves playing with other kids and I know he will benefit from the experience.  Its still a little sad to know that my ‘baby’ is going to school though…

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2 responses to “Hi ho hi ho its off to school we go…

  1. Can’t you send him for 3 days a week in the beginning?
    My kids started school betw 18mths and 2yo, and they were more than ready, so I hear you. Just be aware that he’ll get sick… bank on going to the GP every 2 weeks for the first 6 months. And it doesn’t matter when he starts… now or later… winter or summer.

    • Gina

      Ja, was thinking of sending him Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the first month or so. Im dreading the getting sick thing but like you say, doesn’t matter when I send him its gonna happen…

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