I have been chosen to represent WIZO Aviv Johannesburg at the WIZO Aviv International Seminar in November.

Its 10 days in which I will get to tour all the sites that we raise funds for and attend the seminar with Avivs from all over the world.

It is such an honour to be chosen.

The cherry on the top is that I will get to spend Shabbos with my brother who will be taking leave from the army especially to see me.

I cant wait!

(I dont have a passport so I have to organise one soon!!!!)



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5 responses to “Excitement

  1. Wenchy

    That sounds wonderful! Congrats.

  2. That does sound like something to be excited about!!!

    And YAY for seeing your brother! I am missing mine loads at the moment so thats super exciting!

  3. Congrats, that’s wonderful. And so very exciting about your brother

  4. Gina

    Thanks guys. So so so excited!

  5. TC

    lucky! man! I miss my brother too 😉

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