Today was awesome!

This morning we took Aaron to shul.

It was Simchas Torah and the atmosphere in shul was relaxed and joyous.  My grandfather was given a very big honour by being called up to the Torah to read the first part of the beginning of the Torah.  He has been a lifelong member of the shul and to be honoured in this way is a big deal, so we wanted to be there for him.

Aaron had a great time, he moved between sitting with mama upstairs to sitting with daddy downstairs and sitting with his Banga (my grandfather and the story of the name we call him is for another post).  He played soccer outside with the big boys, got an ice-cream, played on the jungle gym, watched the men dance with the Torahs in shul, danced with mama and daddy out on the road, ate chips, drank juice, kissed the Torah and generally had a great day.

We spent the afternoon with a friend of ours, Shirley, and made toasted cheese and tomato saamies and played with Aaron.  She stayed and helped bath Aaron and when it was time to go home Aaron would not let her go!  He had so much fun playing with his Aunty Shirl.


Now Paul is putting him to sleep and we are getting ready to watch some TV.

What a great end to the weekend!



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3 responses to “Today was awesome!

  1. What a huge honour for your grandfather 🙂 Sounds like a very special event

  2. It is nice to do things like this for one’s grandparents. You all have done such a honorable thing for your grandfather.

  3. Wenchy

    You made me wish I had a shul to go to. 🙂

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