Overheard in my office…

A little background…

I work for an organisation that has been running for many many years.  Quite a few of the ladies I work with have been with the organisation since the year dot, or near enough anyway.  One of the ladies has worked for the organisation since she was 18, she’s worked there for almost 45 years, you do the math…

Not a day goes by when one or other of them doesn’t utter something that makes me laugh out loud or cringe in embarrassment or sometimes even want to smack one of them (affectionately of course).

So I thought I would create a new category, “Overheard in my office…” and document some of the funny and not so funny stuff that is said in my office.

A classic to start us off…

A: Why is milk so expensive?

B: I dont know.

A: Because you know, cows eat grass and grass is free…



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5 responses to “Overheard in my office…

  1. Wenchy

    Oh Lord! 🙂 Does she copy and paste successfully?

  2. bwhahahahahah!! that IS classic!!!!

  3. Ha ha ha that is very funny!

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