Fun Facts: Ants

  • Ants can lift more than 3 times their own body weight
  • An ant has two stomaches, one for food for itself and one for food for other ants in the colony
  • There are more than 10 000 know ant species
  • Ants have the largest brain amongst insects
  • Ants do not have lungs, they ‘breath’ oxygen through tiny holes all over their bodies
  • Some cultures use ‘ant sutures’ by coaxing insects to bite the wound edges with their jaws and then twist off the insects’ heads, leaving behind a stitch/staple
  • Ants are used to help harvest rooibos
  • Ants like to live in my kettle!


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    10 responses to “Fun Facts: Ants

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    2. LOL I assume you’re getting exterminators soon 🙂

    3. Lol I HAD to giggle at the last one!! I cant even tell you how many cups of coffee/tea I’ve had to throw out!!! Haha when J’s pees me off I leave his as is…bwhahahahahah

    4. Oh dear! I read your FB update – that is really upsetting!

      I hate ants more than flies or mozzies cos at least those two you can kill – ants are immortal little savages!

    5. Cams

      I found an ant nest under my kettle once, after a huge rain they decided that was the safest bet. Not!

    6. alet2020

      Ants like my dog’s food and they like my kitchen dustbin! Better then my kettle I suppose!

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