Overheard in my office…

A little background,  we have been working on a data capturing project for just over a month, this lady has been helping since the beginning of the year, I have always opened the document (that is on the desk top) for her but she has watched me do it numerous times.

P: Can you help me, I cant see the words, only the windows blocks

Me: Oooookaaaay

I take a look, she has a new Excel document open

P: See, only the blocks no words

I minimize all the windows until I get to the desk top, I then open the Excel document she needs to be working on.

P: oh, how did you do that, I went to start and opened the Excel in the menu…



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4 responses to “Overheard in my office…

  1. What’s that saying…? You have the patience of Job

  2. My word, those people are actually useless!

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