Overheard in my office…

R: If I have two squares in my email do I have to save them individually or will they save together?

Me: Squares?

R: Yes, those little square things in the bottom.

I realize she means attachments.

Me: No you have to save them individually…

R: Ok.

10 min later

R: Ok, I have saved them, now if I want to drag them to XYZ folder must I do it individually or will they go together?

Me: But didn’t you save it in XYZ folder?

R: Yes.

Me: Well then why do you need to drag them to the folder?

R: I always do.

Me: Ok, then they must go individually (I say this not really understanding why she needs to drag them over if they are already saved in the right folder).

Another 10 min later

R: Can you come and see this?

Me: Ok.

I walk over to her computer, she shows me that she was talking about moving the email into a new folder in her in-box (with the same name as the folder where she saved the attachments originally).

Me: So you need to drag the email to XYZ folder?

R: Yes.

Me: So then drag the email.

R: But will both attachments be moved?




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3 responses to “Overheard in my office…

  1. Oh lordy. You need a noddy badge, seriously!

  2. hahahaaha – so glad i dont work in an office like that 🙂

  3. Good heavens Gina…
    Thats when my forehead repeatedly makes contact with my desk!

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