To the little punks in the Citi Golf…

Yes, I said Citi Golf, not Lamborghini, not Porsche, not a Ferrari, not even an Audi, no I said Citi Golf.

It really doesnt matter what you do to the engine its still a Citi Golf!

When you round a corner and slow down to a dead stop to rubber neck at an accident people are going to hoot at you.  Especially if it is a busy road and they cant get past you.  Especially f there are 3 cars behind them, all anxious to get home.

Moving off at a speed of 10km/hour and then continuing at that pace while pulling zap signs and making obscene noises is beyond juvenile.

Get a life and grow up!

Oh, and while we are at it, turn your cap the right way round and pull your pants up!


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5 responses to “To the little punks in the Citi Golf…

  1. Sounds like they are from V-town, my home town – hence the reason I left there ages ago! LOL

  2. Gina

    LOL, jeez I was so pissed last night! Little pishers!

  3. hahahaha….you know you’re getting old when…..

  4. Ooohh… infuriating!

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