A wedding post

A few people have asked to see photos from my wedding.  I cant in good conscience just give you pictures without a bit of the story.

Paul and I were married just over four years ago.  We got married in the same shul my parents were married in.

Since we had decided to get married on the 12th not the 14th of February we decided we didn’t want roses, not only would they be cliché but damn expensive!

We decided on daisies and because they are my favourite flower in any colour we decided that our decor would centre around a multitude of daisies in every colour and type we could lay our hands on.

I didn’t want the retinue to be multicoloured as I wanted them to stand out so I decided on grey.  Because my SIL lives in Australia I decided that the bridesmaids and mothers could wear any grey they wanted, they could buy off the rack or have it made, it could have another colour with it as long as the predominant colour was gray.  My boy BFF had to be on my side of the retinue so to differentiate him from the other guys he wore a grey shirt while they all wore white shirts and we had grey ties and yarmulkes made for them.

As an aside, despite living on opposite sides of the world and having absolutely no contact with each other, my BFF and my SIL managed to find two unique outfits in the exact same material and shade of grey!

My dress was made for me by the same women who made my mothers bridesmaids dresses 28 years before.  It was adapted from a picture I found.  In retrospect the only change I would make to it would be to have one button on the coat.

So without further waffling, here are some of my favourite pics!

All the boys in the stairwell in my Grandfathers building

My Granny Fan, my mom and me

On the balcony outside my moms bedroom

My second mommy, Paulina and me

My two BFF

How could I not show you my shoes?

Just Married 🙂

Husband and wife

Right here, smiling at each other... not likely, we were counting the steps 😉

This right here captures the mood of the day!


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5 responses to “A wedding post

  1. Cams

    Stunning! You are really photogenic. Love your dress

  2. Its beautiful! I love the colours and the grey.

  3. These are so lovely 🙂 You both looked so inicredibly happy!

  4. Gorgeous photos. LOVE the dancing one 🙂

  5. Wenchy

    I am in a crying mood so now crying for your beautiful wedding.

    You truly are one of the most gorgeous brides I have ever seen.

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