Blog Challenge – I ask – you answer

Todays Female2Female blog challenge!

What colours would your wedding be/was your wedding? My bridesmaids wore grey and the groomsmen had grey ties and they wore grey yarmulkes but the venue was decorated with daisies, lots and lots of daisies in every colour, and every type of daisy, regular house daisies to Barberton daisies.

Scrubs or Greys Anatomy? I have to choose?? I suppose Scrubs but Greys comes in a close 2nd!

Do you pick your battles? Or do you fight for everything you disagree with? Or do you let it all go? I tend to fight, its knee-jerk.  I do try to pick my battles but Im a Leo, hotheaded and impulsive.

Bar One or Whole Nut? Bar One

Where is your favourite holiday destination? Drakensburg.  Love the peace and solitude of the mountains.

High School Musical or Cinderella? Cinderella

You are buying a new house what is the one thing the house must have? A modern kitchen with a place for a kitchen table to eat around, also a rumpus room for the kids to go wild in.

Spring or autumn? Spring

Have you every skinny dipped before? Yup, was so much fun, almost got kicked off the kibbutz for it!

Yoga or Kata Box? Yoga

If you had to study what would you study? I always wanted to be an archeologist, if I had the time and the money I would go back and study.



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6 responses to “Blog Challenge – I ask – you answer

  1. You’re wedding sounds as if it was beautiful

  2. I’d love to see your wedding photos.
    I always wanted to be an archeologist. It still fascinates me.

  3. alet2020

    I like this challenge!!!

  4. Wenchy

    I also wanna see your wedding pics!!

    Drakensberg is my favourite also.

  5. Love the daisy idea 🙂

    Archeologist came as a bit of a surprise 🙂

  6. Gina

    Aha, one wedding post coming up 😉

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