Made with love

My mom-in-law just came past to drop off a present for me.

Hilary does the most gorgeous embroidery work, she has made a fire screen, table runners, clocks, boxes, you name it she has embroidered it.  In fact she embroidered Aaron’s baby quilt. (I was sure I had a post with pictures but I cant find it so here is one).

Quite a while ago she asked me to choose a design that she would then embroider.  I chose a floral design and we looked at colours and then she got to work.

I watched as the flowers took shape and the colours came together and then she was finished and she sent it off to be set into a handmade wooden box.

Today she brought me the finished work.

Embroidery inlaid into the top of the box

Close up

The lid and base are lined in felt as is the bottom so it doesn't slide

I am so in love with this box, I am going to use it for my necklaces and other big jewelry.



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12 responses to “Made with love

  1. The embroidered box is just beautiful! Such detailed work! Very rare these days, unfortunately. Thanks for sharing it.

    You are very lucky to have such a talented mother-in-law.

    • Gina

      Thanks Janet, She does the most beautiful work, I really should get my husband to photograph it and make a page for all her work.

  2. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Wenchy

    That’s beautiful.

  4. That quilt is lovely!! And that box is divine too 🙂

  5. Wow that is truly truly exquisite!!!

  6. That is really beautiful!

  7. Oh boy, so beautiful! My mom also embroiders, but these days mostly plain cross stitch. She made each of the kids a birth marker with names etc framed. I must actually publish them and show you.

  8. awww that’s amazing.

    love getting gifts like that!

  9. Wow, she is very talented. I love the quilt – so much fine detail. I’d use the box for the same.

  10. Gina

    Thanks all, I mad for the box!
    I cannot for the life of me find what I did with the post about the quilt, I think I must do one tonight and take some better photos 🙂

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