Belly pics…

So a few belly pics to see the progress with #theSQL…

5 weeks (yes, we had just found out…)

10 weeks…

And here is a side by side comparison between #theSQL (left) at 16 weeks and Aaron (right) at 16 weeks…

Also not how at 5 weeks with #theSQL I look pretty much as big as I did at 16 weeks with Aaron…



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7 responses to “Belly pics…

  1. That’s beautiful!

    But, a question, is it just me…:
    When you were at 5 weeks with #TheSQL, didn’t you feel h*u*g*e! And wonder how you were going to get through the rest of the time??

    And then now, at 16 weeks, you look back at your 5 week photos, remembering how you thought you were huge then, but actually couldn’t have been because you’re only h*u*g*e now?!?

    Or is it just me?

  2. I think you look awesome. I looked like a pregnant hippo, you still look sexy!

  3. I agree with Sharon. You look good on 16 weeks – I look like an elephant.

  4. I feel dreadful for not having preggie-belly pictures of Logan! I love them so much! But I will be sure to have many many when I have another baby!!

  5. Gina

    @boobahsmom exactly! I felt huge at 5 weeks, now I look and I was tiny and I feel HUGE now… give me another 4 weeks and I will think 16 weeks was tiny… LOL

    @sharon @blackhuff Thank you! I feel good, I love being pregnant so that helps too 🙂

    @alet between one and the next things change, you cant feel bad about not having pics of Logan… I never did a belly shoot with Aaron and we are going to get Jenty to do one with theSQl, its unfortunate that we wont have one for Aaron but nothing that can be done about it…

  6. You look beautiful, love the bump!

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