Aaron’s first haircut!

So some of you may know that we have been waiting for Aaron to turn 3 before he has a haircut.  This is called an Upsherin and it is not a Jewish law but more of a tradition.

My beautiful boy had the most beautiful white blond locks.

But having all the gorgeous hair has caused some issues.

He refuses to tie it up, so it gets in his eyes when he is playing.

He wont even clip it back.

When you pulled a shirt on or off him his hair got caught and pulled and he was sore.

The biggest issue was a huge matted knot at the back of his head.   This knot was almost impossible to wash and comb out, we tried everything!  It looked too hideous.

So we decided that it was time for a haircut.

We took Aaron to a salon in Benmore Centre where Maria, who specialises in kids hair cuts helped us out.

Here is a shot of HALF the knot that she cut off… the other half she had to brush out in order to cut his hair properly.

Aaron was so good during the haircut.  He never made a single peep! Just sat on my lap and let Maria cut his hair.  I was so proud of him!!  We did promise that he would go to the toy shop and he would get a prize if he was good.  He wanted a robot but we settled on a Play Doh set, with 4 different doughs, cutters, scissors, extruders and a nifty bag as well as a Buzz Lightyear water pistol.

As you all know Aaron throws spectacular tantrums dubbed #AaronTantrums.  We were really concerned he would have a meltdown since this was something completely new to him but my big boy proved us wrong and behaved like an absolute star.

Here is my big boy!  No longer my little baby 😦  So so so proud of you my angel!



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11 responses to “Aaron’s first haircut!

  1. Awe man…..he’s too adorable! both with the long and the short hair:)

  2. woohoo Go Aaron! Looking like such a big boy now! Well done Mommy 🙂

  3. Ankia

    He looks beautiful!!!

    I also keep James’s hair short because he has his dad’s thick greek hair and it goes in ALL directions when he sleeps & I refuse to ‘do’ his hair every morning so he’ll have a brushcut until he’s old (and cool) enough to look after his do himself 🙂

  4. He looks so cute and adorable.

  5. Aww growing up 🙂 He looks so handsome

  6. What a brave little boy!
    He looks awesome!

  7. Oh I think he looks so charming with his shorter hair!

  8. He is gorgeous! And as I said last Sunday, he looks like a little Nick Carter (aka Backstreet Boy). He’s going to be a heart-breaker one day! 😉

  9. awww Gina he looks so grown up now! 🙂

  10. Love his short hair 🙂 so awesome that there was no tantrum!!

  11. He looks like a grown up boy now, love the hair cut. Well done on no tantrum.

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