Finally! Its only taken about 4 years!!

So in May we had been in our house for 4 years.  When we moved in I had grand plans for using the red feature wall in our dining room to hang family photos.  I blogged about it here, at the beginning of the year.

This weekend we finally managed to print, frame and hang 11 photos!  There are still more to come, I need more of the older family photos and also some more frames.  We also of course cant wait to add some photos of #theSQL 🙂

Aaron helping dad hang the first picture

1 down 10 to go

Halfway there

All done

Cant wait to add more!

Some of the older photos dont fit the frames properly so I am going to get some black cardboard or paper to put behind them so its not so obvious they are not quite right.  In the mean time though, I am so happy that they are finally up!!!


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11 responses to “Finally! Its only taken about 4 years!!

  1. YAY! i also did some “home-improvement” this weekend… need to blog some pics 🙂
    looks awesome tho – hopefully now that its up it’ll keep you inspired to keep going!

  2. Looks great against the red wall.

  3. Looks great – I also have older photos in my house which hangs around.

  4. That looks amazing, I love the different frames at different levels. Really looks great.

  5. I LOVE photo walls. We have one too and also keep meaning to add more.

    And isnt a hilti just the BEST thing ever 🙂

  6. It looks awesome! I love photo walls

  7. It took me a year after I moved in with Neels to hang all my pictures… 😛

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  9. you should post a pic to see howe its developed over the last year…

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