Free Gilad Shalit

On Tuesday I joined over 200 men and women in a bus rally through the streets of Jozi in aid of Gilad Shalit.

Gilad Shalit

Gilad was abducted on 25 June 2006, just over 4 years ago.  Thats 1531 days ago, 1531 days without medical attention, Red Cross visits, humanitarian aid, 1531 days away from his mother and father, his brother, his friends, his LIFE!

You can read about his abduction here.

Our rally on Tuesday was to help bring a spotlight to the fact that the terrorists who have taken this young man have not let even the International Red Cross have any kind of access to Gilad.  After our rally we heard from Yaara Winker, fiancée of Gilads brother and we handed over a memorandum to the South African Red Cross representatives, Reverend Jones and Director of Red Cross SA, Nathan Banda, asking them to help get medical attention and basic human rights to Gilad.

The plight of Gilad Shalit really hits home for me, my brother is a soldier in the IDF and I would like to think that should something happen to him people from all over the world would band together to see his safe return just as they do every single day for Gilad!

Media Team Israel spokesperson, Rolene Marks, live on air to Chai FM

Yaara Winker

Chairman of the SAZF, Avrom Krengel handing over the memorandum to Red Cross SA representatives Reverend Jones and Nathan Banda

Some of the over 200 people getting ready to board the open topped buses


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4 responses to “Free Gilad Shalit

  1. Rolene Marks

    Kol Hakavod Gina! Well written and so true.

  2. Excellent post, and stunning photos!

  3. Wow. All this time! Do you at least know he’s still alive?

    • Gina

      They dont know if he is alive, thats the problem. No-one has had ANY contact with him of any kind. There was a short video clip released with him holding a newspaper for the date a few years ago but other than that…
      My heart breaks for his family!

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