4D scan

Yesterday Paul, Aaron and I took a drive to Sunninghill hospital to have our 4D scan.

Netcare hospitals have what is called a Maternity Passport.  You pay R300 and for that you get a free 4D scan (worth R600), Netbaby gift pack when you have your baby (a baby bag with lots of sample products in it), the first in hospital vaccinations for free, free birth registration (what a pleasure, we had it done with Aaron) as well as the first Wellbaby Clinic visit at the Storks Nest.  For R300 I think its worth getting!

Back to the 4D scan…

The technician that did the scan couldnt believe how active theSQL is.  She didnt stop moving the entire scan, so much so that we couldnt get a decent shot of her legs or arms and she kept moving her legs in front of her girl bits.  What we did get were some great shots of her face along with her hands.  She kept touching her face and hiding behind her hands and sucking on her fingers.  Too cute.

We took Aaron with us and he was pretty interested, for the first 5 minutes, then he got a bit bored, but wanted to look again at the end.  He kept saying we were going to see his baby… so sweet.

So without further ado, here are some of the clearer shots (with descriptions)

Peek a boo! Hiding behind my hands.

Oy vey... Look how long my fingers are...

Sucking my fingers.

Pinching my own chubby cheeks.

Holding my foot on my nose!



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6 responses to “4D scan

  1. These scans are amazing!!!

    They weren’t around when I had my kids!!

  2. Incredible pics. I love how she holds her hands over her face.

  3. Lovely, amazing how much detail you can see

  4. Wow Gina she looks just like you! I had J at Sunninghill and was so super impressed with the way they treated us both there.

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