Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls or… Yummy in my Tummy!

I have a weakness for the chocolate covered peanut butter balls from Moo-z Bros.

I also have no money at the moment because UIF are pusswanks!

What I do have are the ingredients to make peanut butter balls…

I googled recipes and found this one on the Rice Krispies site.

Of course I didnt really stick to it 100% but I think they came out pretty well.

Here is my recipe (I once again forgot to take pics of the process…)


  •  1 cup ( I used half a jar) smooth peanut butter (they use crunchy but smooth works well)
  • ¼ cup marge
  • 1 cup icing sugar
  • 2 cups rice krispies
  • 1 ½ cups semi sweet chocolate morsels (I used 1 85gms bar of bitter sweet chocolate, I should have used 2)
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable shortening/Holsum (thanks @Saaleha) ( I didnt have any so I used margerine)
  • 54 mini paper cups (I used 2 baking trays covered with wax paper)


  • Beat peanut butter, marge and sugar with an electric beater until well mixed.  I used a fork and elbow grease as I didnt want to wake the kids up, next time I will use an electric beater!
  • Add rice krispies, mixing well.  At this point I want to say that I would have crushed the rice krispies a bit before adding them in but I think if you use the electric beaters it might just crush them for you as you mix, I will definitely try this next time.
  • Taking a teaspoon scoop up a small dollop of the mixture and shape into a ball, they then say to place the ball into the paper cup, I just plopped them onto the wax paper baking trays.
  • Refrigerate.
  • Melt chocolate and shortening in microwave or on double boiler.
  • Spoon one teaspoon of chocolate mixture over each ball.  My mixture was a bit thick, perhaps with shortening it would have been thinner, and it didnt pour very easily.  Also, if you dont use the paper cups I would suggest dipping the balls into the chocolate to coat them (which I didnt do).
  • Refrigerate until firm.
  • Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

All in all they came out quite well.  I cant stop stuffing my face!

I would definitely prefer the krispies to be a little finer and less ‘lumpy’ in the mixture and I will either use the paper cups or dip the whole ball into chocolate next time.  I will also be getting some Holsum as I think the texture will be better for the chocolate.



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18 responses to “Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls or… Yummy in my Tummy!

  1. Those look and sound just divine!!! Quick question though, what is “semi sweet chocolate morses”? I want to try and make this.

    • Gina

      You get them in the baking isle, they are little chocolate bits that are used for melting or decorating, they come in all flavour of chocolate. I just used a chocolate bar I had lying around 🙂

    • Gina

      Ahhhhhhh goramit! I meant morsels… not morses O_o Will correct that now, I need an editor 😉

  2. That dollop of choc on top caps it something wonderful:)
    This sounds like a very dangerous treat to have in one’s kitchen.

  3. Those look divine! I’m so lazy to cook/bake/even go into the kitchen but I may make an exception.

  4. Wendi

    ok, so i expect a batch as a welcome back to work present on monday…….

  5. Oh this looks like pure bliss.

  6. Rachel Amar

    Those Moo’z biscuits are divine!! I love them
    How did your’s match up?
    Might give it a try, you’ve given me a craving 🙂

  7. YUM!!!! *bookmarks*
    Um, these are fat free, hey? :p

  8. OMG! I have been thinking how there are no peanut butter candies/cookies here in SA! I was just about to make some “buckeyes” ( for the first time. I might have to try your recipe too !

  9. I will NOT write down this recipe and I will NOT attempt to make it! I live alone and adore peanutbutter and chocolate…guess who is going to eat it all?? that’s right! the little man that lives in my fridge…pfffft *refuses to write down recipe* 😛

  10. That looks absolutely delicious!

  11. Aaaaarrrghhhhh!! Torture!!

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