My favourite things right now – A meme.

Looks like Jenty has started a new meme 😉  Here is one that Cat did too 🙂


Favourite Shop – Woolies and (I only discovered it yesterday) The Food Lovers Market!

Favourite chocolate – Any bitter sweet chocolate, I also love anything with praline

Favourite Cookie – If you mean cupcake then The Cupcake Lady’s red velvet with cream cheese icing, if you mean biscuit then Woolies chocolate dipped digestives

Favourite food – Roast chicken

Favourite meal that I make – French toast on a Sunday night

Favourite flower – Barbeton daisy

Favourite colour to wear – Black

Favourite shoes – My new flat brown brown boots

Favourite drink – Water

Favourite lens – whatever comes on my point and shoot 😉

Favourite place to walk the dogs – You mean favourite place for the dogs to walk me?  They run in our garden.

Favourite place to take the kids – To the Genesis Park down the road.

Favourite coffee for every day at home – Nescafe Collection – Espresso

Favourite coffee shop – Dont really have one

Favourite pizza place – Piza è Vino at Melrose Arch

Favourite place to take photos – Wherever my kids are

Favourite place for holidays – Drakensburg, dying to go back

Favourite yoghurt  – plain Greek style yoghurt

Favourite man – Paul 😉

Favourite iPhone app – I dont have an iPhone but if I did then it would be Instagram

Favourite website – Twitter (sad I know, but it keeps me sane)

Favourite TV program – CSI, Supernatural, Stargate Universe

Feel free to add or delete any of the above, this is after all, YOUR favourite things 🙂



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9 responses to “My favourite things right now – A meme.

  1. Think I’ll have to try that pizza place

  2. So we have the same favorite flowers. At he boeremark you get a bunch (4-8) for R20. Kid you not!
    And those cookies I talked about – you get them at Food Lovers Market.

  3. I just did it from Cat’s blog too.

    Water’s my favourite drink too.

    Would love to see your brown boots!

  4. Just read this on Jenty’s blog 🙂

    Definitely stealing this for my blog too …

  5. Your favourite drink IS WATER?!?!?!

    Woman, you can’t be human. I demand a captcha entry, immediately!

  6. I’m going to do this one too! And thank you for the compliment!

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