I am. Are you?

A little while ago I went with Timor to support Max in donating blood for his 16th birthday.

Unfortunately I am not able to donate blood, I dont weigh 50kg, I recently had surgery (c-section) and I am breastfeeding.  All no no’s for donating.

While we were waiting I noticed that Timor had an organ donor sticker on her drivers license and it motivated me to find out more.

I went to the Organ Donor Foundation website and registered online to become a donor.  Yesterday my donor card and stickers arrived in the mail.

Please take a moment to visit the site and read up on the life saving and life changing donation you can make.

If organ donation is not for you then please consider making a monetary donation instead.

You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.




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10 responses to “I am. Are you?

  1. I haven’t donated blood for a few years now because my iron levels are never quite right. I do want to register for the organ donor thing though so thank you for that link.
    Having people donate blood for your birthday is an awesome initiative. Something that I have never, ever thought of. Will keep it in mind for mine and my kids birthdays.x

  2. I wish I didn’t weigh 50kg’s! I am an organ donor but not allowed to give blood due to bone illness.

  3. I’ve never donated blood, but my knucklehead and I have been registered organ donors since he was a little boy.

  4. I’m an organ donor and I donate blood. I don’t need all the blood all the time and well, once I’m gone what exactly am I planning on doing with my spleen?

  5. I think that anyone who volunteer to be an organ donor, is such a non-selfish person. Well done to you Gina.

  6. Yip I am and it has already “saved” me :-p

    I lost my wallet and the lady at PnP found my donor card and called my brother 🙂

  7. I am keen thanks for the info, shoot wish I weighed 50 kg 🙂 XX

  8. Gosh, wish I did not weight 50kg. A friend of ours that is a doctor actually warned us NOT to register as organ donors. He says that they tend to not go full out on saving you if they need the organs – sounds very grim science fictiony to me. However he did say to tell your next of kin that you want to be an organ donor and confirm that in your will. That way the docs try to save you as much as possible, but if you are brain dead, you next of kin, who has to give permission, knows.

  9. D and I will both donate our organs and I used to be a blood donor – now it’s always on the days I feel terrible. But i do wish I weighed 50! I would be in HEAVEN!

  10. cybersass

    i’m so damned busy at the moment that i have time for nothing, but thanks for pointing out that i can do this. i did it in the states and have a donor sticker on my american driver’s licence, but i really need to do this here.

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