An award :)

Yay! Tanya and Ash gave me an award!

Part of this award to share 5 random facts about myself and then pass the award onto 5 bloggers.

Random facts:

  1. My pinky fingers bend inwards, its a genetic thing, neither of my children have it and I wish that one of them did, Maybe one of their children will get them.
  2. Im a night owl, I would rather stay up past midnight than wake up before 9am.
  3. Im clumsy, I trip over my own feet and slice my fingers open, I walk into stuff constantly and have a multitude of bruises in varying shades at all time.
  4. I love cats, I want a kitten so badly but Paul doesnt like them and I think my dogs would eat it.
  5. I wish I had never stopped dancing, I would love to have danced professionally like my mom did.

5 bloggers Im awarding:

  1. Nicci – A woman reclaiming her SELF!
  2. Lauren – Mommy to a gorgeous little boy.
  3. Leigh-Ann – Entrepreneur, mommy, Fairy Girl
  4. Nadine – Mommy, author, crazy lady 😉
  5. Stacey – Mommy to a Lionheart


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12 responses to “An award :)

  1. Awww thanks so much xxx

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  3. I also have the special pinky 🙂 Kiara has the skewest toes and it appears Jack has a few aswell 🙂

  4. orbit365

    You are not going to believe this but I have those very same little fingers. Two of my aunties on my Dad’s side of the family have them and both my sons have them too!

  5. i’m also super clumsy and covered in bruises, so fear not, you’re not alone!!

  6. Congrats. We share the wonderful tendency to be clumsy.

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  8. Jen

    Small piece of mostly useless info I am guessing, but bent-inwards pinkies are one of the first signs of ADHD. I learnt this when taking my son to the paed for evaluation. He has bent in pinkies (I have them too, and the ADD too, for sure!) So I guess you could say you’re lucky your kids don’t have them…

  9. What dancing did you do and why did you stop?

    • Gina

      I danced ballet mostly but did modern and tap for a while. I had to stop because my turn out wasnt good enough and it was damaging my knees 😦

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