WIWT – Episode 3

Today, my outfit revolved around the belt.  I wanted to wear this particular belt so everything else had to fit around it 🙂

The jeans and boots are from Truworths.

The JT style top, white blouse and magnificent belt are all from my mommy’s cupboard.




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11 responses to “WIWT – Episode 3

  1. I love this more casual look. Love the belt.

  2. Mel

    Hmmm, i want your mommy’s closet and those boots! awesome look

  3. Super funky! That belt is spectacular.

  4. Thanks for the hugs! Funny how the 1st two people to respond to my post are online friends. I love the crisp white shirt. Never gets old! And the tall flat boots are a must this season! At least that’s what I told my hubby- since he is basically the only person I talk to! Hah.

    Take care!

  5. You are styling lady, really styling. Stunning look, I love it.

  6. twistygirl

    Ooh, I love the belt. Very pretty.

  7. That looks fabulous! So stylishly casual!

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