Where has the time gone?

My little boy is growing up!

He has a school friend over today for a play date.  They are having an absolute blast!

My baby girl has a tooth!

Thats right, a tooth, on the bottom left side.  I can just see it poking out.  It came out of nowhere.





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6 responses to “Where has the time gone?

  1. WOOT on the tooth 🙂

    and yay for play dates!

    They really do grow too quickly Gina!

  2. A tooth!!! I bet she looks super cute.

    I hope your little boy enjoy his play date.

  3. Oh wow – if that one came out so easily I bet she is going to be an easy teether.

    And yeah for playdates.

  4. aaaw, too sweet (both the tooth and the play date)

    haven’t spoken to you for awhile – are you over winter yet?

  5. Ahhh they grow up WAY too fast.
    We need to get together soon, I need some Faith squishes 🙂

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