Online Thrift Swap – Round One

A little while ago Exmi came up with the brilliant idea of an online clothing swap.

Basically we all have things in our cupboards that we dont wear anymore or things that still have tags on them, you know the ones, the ‘must have’ sale item that you never wear, the jersey you bought and only wore once, the shoes that looked so amazing but hurt the everliving crap out of your feet.

You may not want those items anymore but someone else might.

Below please find some much loved items that I just dont wear.  Make me an offer!

Description: Long waisted short sleeve t-shirt

Size: 30
Colour/s: Black with red and gold detail
Where/When bought: Truworths last summer
Condition: Brand new
Reason for parting: I bought it when I was pregnant with Faith, have no idea why, it didnt fit me (preggy belly), tried it on after she was born and it doesnt fit across my boobs.
Price: Originally cost me about R220, make me an offer, or maybe you have something I want to swap it for!

Description: Tunic style sleeveless top

Size: 38 but its small, maybe actually a 32
Colour/s: sea green
Where/When bought: From a charity consignment sale
Condition: New, needs ironing (been at the back of my cupboard)
Reason for parting: I have never worn it, it just doesnt look right on me.
Price: Originally cost me about R40, make me an offer, or maybe you have something I want to swap it for!

Description: One shoulder, hip length top with bow detail

Size: small/medium
Colour/s: blue
Where/When bought: From Two Clothing on their very first sale about 4 years ago
Condition: Good condition, needs ironing (see above)
Reason for parting: I wore this shirt many times but just cant bring myself to wear it anymore, every time I put it on I think a mommy of two cant wear that! Too sexy!
Price: Originally cost me about R180, make me an offer, or maybe you have something I want to swap it for!

Description: Knee length, sleeveless dress with tie at back

Size: 30
Colour/s: black with small white polka dots (ties at the back)
Where/When bought: From Truworths, it is from the maternity section but you cant tell when you put it on.
Condition: Good condition.
Reason for parting: I wore this at the beginning of my pregnancy with Faith, especially for work.  Im not a very big dress wearer and even though it still looks great (even without the preggy belly) I just know its wasted in my cupboard.
Price: Originally cost me about R250, make me an offer, or maybe you have something I want to swap it for!

Description: Short sleeve, polar neck, knee length jersey

Size: DONT LAUGH! 13-14 BUT its more like a womans’ small.
Colour/s: purple
Where/When bought: From Truworths last year for Angels’ wedding.  I was pregnant and even had a small bump and it fit perfectly so the jersey is not really ‘that’ small.
Condition: Only worn once.
Reason for parting: I hate having anything on my neck, it makes me gag, I have no idea how I managed to wear it the whole afternoon and evening.
Price: Originally cost me about R140, make me an offer, or maybe you have something I want to swap it for!

Description:  2 x Sprinleap short sleeve t-shirts

Size: Gals Small
Colour/s: Black with print detail
Where/When bought: The blue one I bought myself, the tiger one was a gift.
Condition: Blue one worn a few times, tiger one only worn once.
Reason for parting: They dont fit me anymore *sob* after my pregnancy they seem to have shrunk (I refuse to believe I have increased in size!)
Price: Originally cost R183 each, make me an offer, or maybe you have something I want to swap it for!

Description: Metal and amber (?) necklace

Size: Chain sits just below collar bone and can be adjusted smaller or bigger
Colour/s: Amber (not sure if it is actualy amber or just coloured glass)
Where/When bought: Oh boy, I have had this necklace in my jewelry box for as long as I can remember, since I was a teenager at least.
Condition: Good condition.
Reason for parting: I havent worn this necklace in at least 10 years.  I am allergic to any metal that isnt pure and after a while I get a skin reaction, so I stopped wearing it.
Price: I have no idea, make me an offer, or maybe you have something I want to swap it for!

Description: Faux pearl choker (with matching faux pearl studs)

Size: Choker
Colour/s: White
Where/When bought: This was a gift.
Condition: Only worn once or twice (never worn the earrings).
Reason for parting: The metal clasp causes a skin reaction.  I have worn the necklace and I love it, I just cant handle the scratching afterwards 😦
Price: Make me an offer, or maybe you have something I want to swap it for!

Description: Wood and glass necklace

Size: Below the collar bone
Colour/s: Red
Where/When bought: I bought this from a friend who was selling jewelry made by her gardeners son.
Condition: Never been worn.
Reason for parting: I bought the piece to help a student earn some spare cash, I love the colour but it doesnt suit me.
Price: Originally cost me about R60, make me an offer, or maybe you have something I want to swap it for!

Take a look at the other participants over here:



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16 responses to “Online Thrift Swap – Round One

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  2. Mel

    oooh. you have lovely stuff but you are teeeny tiny. 🙂 I do think i love that pink polar neck jersey dress though….and I am a 32/33 so I may just pull it off! Will be in touch – am outta here for the long weekend but if its still avail next week I will make you an offer or show you some stuff I have!

  3. I also think that you have lovely clothes but you are so tiny – will not fit me 😦

  4. Hey G! I am in love with little black polkadot dress. Are you keen to swap? All my listings are accessories and gloves but I have clothes that are mostly vintage that I can list… you and I are a similar size I think. I will go and take some more shots. Yay.

    • Gina

      OOOOHHHH definitely keen to swap!
      I adore the grey gloves you have, so if those are not taken lets swap 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. What a great idea! I hope you sell them quick sticks 🙂

  6. This is a great idea! Unfortunately, I’m probably too big for your clothing…I have yet to find any good second-hand shops in CT. Any suggestions for stores I can look through?

  7. Mel

    Hey Gina, I am back! I have just posted some items of mine but I think they may be too big for you! Otherwise email me on melodybinos at gmail dot com and let me make you an offer for that jersey dress!

  8. I love your items of clothing, but toooo small for me I’m afraid:( To be so slim, what a blessing xx

  9. I received my pink jersey dress on Friday and wore it to a bday celebration this weekend…everybody loved it! Thank you. xx

  10. Shoowee thats some selection!
    For the pearl necklace, if you really like it, perhaps remove the clasp and replace it with a ribbon you can tie in a bow?

  11. Gugu

    Do you still have red necklace? is you frien still selling hand made jewelry?

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