Moms, babes, Huggies and growing bigger…

Two weekends ago, Huggies hosted a moms and babes get together at River Cafe and I was one of the lucky moms who got to go along.

It was absolutely awesome.  Not only did I get to see a whole bunch of super awesome ladies but I got to meet a whole bunch of super awesome ladies I hadn’t met in real life before too.

I have to admit, I am really sorry I never had Twitter when Aaron was a baby.  Having all these moms in my phone and on my computer has been an amazing experience with Faith.  I know if I have a question all I have to do is tweet it and I have a multitude of answers in a heartbeat.

Im so grateful for all the friends Faith and I have made 🙂

Huggies really went all out with an amazing breakfast spread for moms and kids, a face painter and balloon artist for the kids and a pressie to take home for the babas as well as a bit of Sorbet pampering for the mamas.

Now, Huggies asked me what size nappies Faith wore and I said a size 3.  Lets just say that our Huggies nappies we got are the last pack of size 3 nappies Faith will wear.  My baby is growing and we just bought a pack of size 4 (!) nappies for her…

Oh and before I forget, Huggies was kind enough to give Nicki two extra Sorbet vouchers to give away.  But hurry, you only have until tomorrow to hop on over to her blog and enter!!



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5 responses to “Moms, babes, Huggies and growing bigger…

  1. It looks like it was an amazing event.

  2. So nice for mommies and babies!
    I’m now on twitter, so I followed you (you’re the first I’ve followed!).

  3. Oh Gina everytime I see a pic of your little Faith I’m struck by just how happy a little girl she is.

    Sounds like a fun day for moms and their little ones.

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