Bullet points

  • We have been doing the cycle of sick in my house.
  • Aaron and Faith followed by me, now Paul and Faith again.
  • I love the Jewish holydays, I am off work for about half this month.
  • Long weekends FTW!
  • My cell upgrade is due in just under two weeks, iPhone or the new Nokia N9, decisions decisions.
  • Aaron is loving swimming so much.  Its such a joy to watch.
  • Faith is crawling, although she is still lazy about it.
  • My first born child will be 4 (!!) in 21 days!
  • My second born child will be 1 (!!) in just under 2 months!
  • We have been counted.  Census 2011 was quick and painless.
  • Yesterday I must have slept for at least 18 hours and I slept last night.  Im still tired…
  • I dont think I have ever been quite as happy as I am right now 🙂

Paul and me at a reent family brekkie



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5 responses to “Bullet points

  1. Sorry about the sick :-/

    But you do sound happy 🙂

  2. Ah I love that you’re so happy 🙂

  3. Regardless of all the sick, you are sounding so well! And looking it too. And I am 100% totally in love with my iphone.

  4. Oh how glorious is that last bullet point!!!

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