I don’t have to shave it so I’m doing it now!

I wrote the other day about how I wanted to give my hair to CANSA.

I was all ready to shave it all off but to do that I would have to wait for after the wedding in April.

Then I got to thinking…

My hair is way way way longer than the minimum length required to donate.  In fact it is so long that I can leave enough hair on my head for a shoulder length bob and still have over the minimum length required.

So, I made an appointment at HAND in Parkhurst and on 26th November I’m going to have my hair cut!

If you want to come cheer me on, make a donation or even give your hair to CANSA, please dont be shy!



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8 responses to “I don’t have to shave it so I’m doing it now!

  1. Very cool I do this every couple of years here in the US i donate to locks of love. My hair grows fast and since i do not dye or use tons of product besides conditioner they love it. Since it grows so fast I donate a ponytail and still have shoulder length hair – i don’t think hubby would let me shave it he gets mad enough when i cut it

  2. This is so awesome Gina. Make sure to post before and after pics 🙂

  3. Well done to you – a much better idea I think!

  4. Okay so now I know why you’re cutting it now already! I was working on twisting my hubby’s arm to let me shave it with you next year!
    I can’t wait to see it!

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