Gratitude: Days 15 to 23

Im taking part in a photo challenge.

You can see the first 6 days here and days 7 to 14 here.

Day 15: technology - no one said it had to be modern tech. My grans original electric sewing machine


Day 16: - animals - this is my mothers dog Bones. I'm grateful that I get to live with her 3 pups 🙂


Day 17: memories - thanks mom for taking the photos 🙂


Day 18: something new - fresh summer fruit 🙂


Day 19: best friend - @wendilk. She had to send me the pic cause she doesnt work with me anymore 😦


Day 20: seasonal - or unseasonal since its supposed to be hot and sunny. I love this weather though 🙂 #nofilter


Day 21: where you sleep - Im so so so grateful for our king size extra length bed. @pauljacobson is slightly more grateful though #talldude


Day 22: clothing - my outfit today. Dress from my moms cupboard. Jeans from Truworths. Shoes from local artist at the Bryanston Organic Market.


Day 23: in your closet - Ummm ja. Not gonna happen. It's a mess. Sorry 😉



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7 responses to “Gratitude: Days 15 to 23

  1. Hey Gina, I’ve never commented but love reading your blog!
    A few things I noticed from this post: your mom’s dog looks like she has robbons or bobbles in her ears, Faith looks a lot like you did as a baby and your mom has awesome clothes!

    • Gina

      Hi Kerryn,

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

      Took me a while to figure out what the ‘bobbles’ where. There are two wooden elephants behind her, its their trunks 🙂

      Hehe, my mom has the best stuff. Im thinking of opening a 2nd hand store called My Mothers Cupboard, but I think it might only work if all the clothes actually came from her cupboard 😉

  2. I like this photo challenge and the photos you pick for yours. Very nice indeed

  3. Love your outfit! And you really were a cute baba with those dimples!

  4. Oh I love that outfit and the shoes especially.

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