Time for another update 🙂 (Jan 26, 2012)

Another update… (Oct 12, 2010)

Been almost a year since I created this page, here is the update… (Dec 26, 2009)



Gina, 32, wife, mom, Leo.  I work for a non-profit organisation.   I am a procrastinator.  I love Sci-fi, sushi and good books.  I write about things that interest me.  My kids, my family, funny happenings.  I also write about products I have received to review and about products I just love and want to share with you.





Paul, 36, husband, dad, lawyer, geek, Sagittarius.  He is into gadgets and technology, he loves Sci-fi, sushi and me (and adores our children).  He is SuperDad!





Aaron, 4 years old, mischievous, loving, Scorpio.  He loves chasing our dogs, giving cuddles and anything superhero.  He has just started nursery school and is having a blast.  He is a fussy eater and doesnt like swimming.  He is a technogeek in training!






Faith, 1 years old, full of smiles, (mostly) sleeps through the night except when she doesnt.  She has 2 teeth but that doesnt stop her from eating EVERYTHING we give her.  She has just started to walk when you hold her hands.  She doesnt talk yet but thats ok.








Salami, Bandit and Stuart, 6 (in human years), naughty, playful, loyal.  They love barking at birds, chewing tennis balls and giving shnuffly kisses.


8 responses to “About

  1. Hey! I’m sending out a mass-invite email to the Lola Montez party… I wanted to CC you but I don’t have your email.
    Will I see you there?

  2. Wenchy

    You made me smile

  3. Hi Gi,
    Just read quite a bit of your blog tonight, feel bad I didn’t read it before, but nice to get to know you again & looking forward to seeing you, hubby, Aaron & the bump soon!!
    Love Sharon

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  5. Ooh, you’ve added me to your “From over the ocean”! Thanks!


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