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Sleep deprivation…

Sick kids will do that to you.

Aaron started last week with a cough and croup in the night, off to the doctor, who told us that nebulising him as we were doing was the way to go, he is finally coming right although he is still coughing.

Faith developed a snotty blocked nose on Saturday and was awake about 7 times and again about 4 times on Sunday and AGAIN last night.  In fact this morning at about 3:45 Paul landed up taking her to the lounge since she wouldnt settle.

All of this has resulted in major sleep deprivation and general grouchiness in my house.

Hopefully both kids are on the mend and normal programming will continue soon!


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Your favourite things – Faith

Update time for Faith, original post here.

TV programme:  You watch anything that comes on CBeebies but you particularly like Tellytubbies.
iPhone App:  You love pressing the home button on my iPhone and swiping your finger across the screen.  Good thing I have a code or I would be in trouble.
Meal:  You eat everything.  You love food.  At the moment you particularly like bananas.
Fruit:  Bananas.
Vegetable:  Tomatoes and cucumber and carrots.
Breakfast:  Toast and cereal.
Drink:  You love sneaking sips of cold drink.
Toy:  Your pink princess bike/car/walker thing.
You love:  Your brother, the dogs (actually any animals), walking while holding someones hand, standing all by yourself.

Something that happened yesterday:
You managed to climb onto your princess bike/car thingy all by yourself.  You were so proud of yourself until you had to get off and couldnt figure out how, then you just shrieked for someone to help you.

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Your favourite things – Aaron

Time for an update.  The first post is here.

TV programme:  You adore Boomerang.  You absolutely love Tom & Jerry as well as Scooby Doo.
iPhone App:  You still love Angry Birds.
Meal:  Pizza!  With black olives.  I think this is never ever going to change although you do eat chicken nuggets quite often.
Fruit:  Red apples and grapes.
Vegetable:  YOu have started eating baked potatoes at aftercare, now if only you would eat them at home.
Breakfast:  Any chocolate cereal.
Drink:  Cream Soda.
Toy:  You love your LeapPad!
You love:  Your sister, school, going to Serendipity, playing outside.


Something that happened yesterday:
You had a small wobbly when I dropped you at school, you thought I wasnt going to come fetch you but soon enough you were ok adn off playing with Sam and Noah.

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Catching up

So I have been a very bad little blogger lately and for that I am terribly sorry.

I have kept up to date on all the blogs in my reader though even if I havent commented recently.

So, a little catch up…

Aaron is loving school!  He adores his teacher and the kids in his class and aftercare too.

He does swimming twice a week which he loves (I know right!?), Kindermusic every Monday and on a Thursday he does PlayBall after school on the school grounds.

He is growing like a weed and I need to do a big winter shop for him soon because nothing is fitting him anymore.

Faith is getting cuter and cuter every day.

She still only has two teeth and she only says ‘Ello and oof (woof) and only when prompted repeatedly.  Yet she makes herself completely understood and understands everything you say to her.

She has a temper of note and screeches like a pterodactyl if she doesnt get what she wants.

She eats everything and anything, especially of its on her brother plate.

She is standing up all by herself and is walking beautifully if you hold one hand.  Last night we taught her to walk holding onto her Disney princess car/bike thingy.  She was very proud of herself.

Faith also does swimming lessons once a week and I get in the water with her.  She LOVES the water and complains bitterly when we take her out the pool or bath tub.

Both my beautiful children are growing and learning and keep us on our toes.

On Sunday is my anniversary.  SIX years!  And I am still madly in love with my hubband.  Even though he sometimes drives me absolutely crazy!

We went to the Drakensberg Sun last weekend for a mini pre-anniversary break, just the two of us.  It was amazing and relaxing and we both missed the kids so we left a little earlier on Sunday morning that we had planned so we could get back to them 🙂


Ok, I promise not to take so long to blog again.  Pinky swear!


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The dark

My mind has been dark the last few weeks.

A new year and so much to look forward to and yet I feel like I have been wading through quicksand or stuck in a thick soupy fog.

Its been 10 years since my dad died, 2 years since my grandmother passed away and a year since my brother left us.

It feels like just yesterday, like a blink and here I am.

My uncle has cancer.  He cant beat it, no matter how hard he tries or how much we will it.

I feel like curling up in bed, pulling the covers over my head and never coming out.

And then I look at my husband, my beautiful children, my amazing life and I get up,  I look to the sun and I carry on!

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.” – Helen Keller


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Sci-Bono outing of awesomeness!

Yesterday we took the kids into Newtown to visit the Sci-Bono museum.

I cannot get over how much fun we all had, especially Aaron.  So much fun in fact, that he didnt want to leave.  We had to promise him that we would come back on the weekend!

Oh and not only is Sci-Bono fun its also a really cheap family outing.  Adults are R20, kids are R10 and kids under 6 are free!

We landed up spending almost 2 and a half hours wandering around and we didnt even come close to seeing everything.


I had so much fun explaining how the mini experiments worked to Aaron.  Watching his face as he saw what I told him actually happen was awesome.


We watched a science demonstration.  The lady who did the demos was fantastic.  The kids (and adults) were laughing and shouting and most of all learning.


(Had to put this pic in, just look at that curl!)

We had such a fun day, the time literally ran away from us.  Aaron is still talking about all the things he saw and did.  Cannot wait to go back!


*most pictures were taken by Paul, some by me on his camera and some by me on the iPhone (Im sure you can tell which).


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Happy Holidays

We spent this afternoon at family.  We ate, swam, ate some more.  The kids had a blast playing together.

From our family to your, we hope you have had a happy and peaceful holiday weekend 🙂

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The festival of lights, where we celebrate the rededication of the Holy Temple and the miracle of a small drop of oil that lasted 8 days!

We set our menorah in a window where everyone can see the light, we eat fried foods, latkes and doughnuts in particular and we play games and generally have a good time.

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah and Aaron has been asking us everyday for a week when we will be lighting the menorah.  I cant wait to see his face tonight.

My brother Matt brought this menorah all the way from Israel for us. One of my most prized possessions

I also got my mom to buy me a mini donut maker from Clicks earlier so that I can make us some home made doughnuts for dessert tonight (I am petrified of deep frying anything so this seemed like a good alternative.)

For those of you celebrating, Chag Sameach!



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Bullet points

  • We have been doing the cycle of sick in my house.
  • Aaron and Faith followed by me, now Paul and Faith again.
  • I love the Jewish holydays, I am off work for about half this month.
  • Long weekends FTW!
  • My cell upgrade is due in just under two weeks, iPhone or the new Nokia N9, decisions decisions.
  • Aaron is loving swimming so much.  Its such a joy to watch.
  • Faith is crawling, although she is still lazy about it.
  • My first born child will be 4 (!!) in 21 days!
  • My second born child will be 1 (!!) in just under 2 months!
  • We have been counted.  Census 2011 was quick and painless.
  • Yesterday I must have slept for at least 18 hours and I slept last night.  Im still tired…
  • I dont think I have ever been quite as happy as I am right now 🙂

Paul and me at a reent family brekkie


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Your favourite things – Faith

I spotted this on Cat’s blogJenty’s blog and Tanya’s blog and I thought what a wonderful way to remember the kids childhoods.

Now for Faith…

TV programme:  You dont really watch TV but if you are sitting in the lounge and the theme music (for ANY show) comes on, you look at the screen adn rock back and forth and smile.
iPhone App:  You love chewing on my BlackBerry, does that count?
Meal:  Food, did someone say food?  You eat anything and everything, especially if someone else is eating it, you just have to try it.
Fruit:  Apples..
Vegetable:  Like Ashlyn you love tomatoes, especially the rosa tomatoes (even though they are really a fruit).
Breakfast:  Banana and strawberry porridge.
Drink:  Mothers milk, really…
Toy:  Your new favourite toy is a magnetic house thingy that sings the alphabet (in an australian accent), it was a present from your Ozzy cousins for your brother a little while ago.  You love pressing the button to make the music and singing start and you totally rock out to the ABC.
You love:  Your brother, chewing on things, your taggie(s), the dogs and your nanny, Aletta.


Something that happened yesterday:
Its not something that happened yesterday exactly but its been happening over the last week or so.  You have become mobile.  You dont crawl as such, its more of a one legged, two armed leopard crawl, but it gets you from A to B.


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