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Saw the funniest thing in the car just now…

The biggest meanest looking guard dog playing fetch with a guy on the pavement outside his house!

Big mean dog brings his chew toy to the gate, guy takes it and throws it over the wall, big mean dog fetches it and brings it back. Rinse and repeat.

Every time the guy tried to walk away the dog barked at him and shoved the toy through the gate.

The guy was pissing himself laughing but he kept throwing the toy back over the wall anyway.

He laughed even harder when he saw me watching (and laughing) while I was stuck in traffic ūüôā

Made my day!


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African Fashion International

Oh my!  Was I spoilt.  I was invited to the opening night show of African Fashion International (AFI) by Intel SA along with Jenty, Angel, Heidi, Zinhle and Danielle .  We got treated to a hospitality lounge, drinks and food and got tickets to see all 5 opening night shows.

The evening started off a little rocky with¬†the¬†organisers at the Sandton Convention Centre being a little disorganised (oh the irony) but once we were inside it was VIP treatment all the way ūüôā

The shows did run about an hour late so I didnt stay for all of them but the first three shows were fantastic.

Jenty from Jeanette Verster Photography very kindly let me use some of her amazing pictures.

First up¬†Kl√Ľk CGDT


The 2nd show was Marianne Fassler

The next show featured Tart and Mataano

Up first: Tart (I just adored their clothes!!!!)


You can see more of Jenty’s amazing photos on her site or on Facebook.

There were also exhibitors and while we were waiting for the first show to start I snapped a few photos with my iPhone…


Then I found these amazing hand made childrens outfits from KIKI Clothing

And the most beautiful jewelry from Unknown Collection

Thank you once again Intel SA for organising an amazing evening out.






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WIWT – Episode 6

AKA: I think my legs look fantastic!


Today is a Two¬†Clothing¬†day ūüôā

Black t-shirt by Two Clothing

Green wrap dress by Two Clothing

Shoes from Mr P


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Protected: Hurt

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Seasons Greetings

To all that celebrate, may you have a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

And to everyone, a safe and happy festive season!


Paul, Gina and Aaron

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I ovulated! ¬†Or at least I did according to the pee-on-a-stick test thingy . About 5 days ago…

So now we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

I hate waiting, I have NO patience.

I also have very erratic cycles so I really don’t know exactly when I should be peeing on the pregnancy stick. ¬†I figure that Monday will be the first one, if its negative I will wait (again) for a few days and then try…

Did I mention I hate waiting?


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Happy New Year

Wishing all my family, friends and readers a Sweet, Safe, Happy and Prosperous New Year! La’Shana Tova!!

Shana Tova

Shana Tova

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Too fast it flies

Zooming away

One more special day

Just one

Then another

Please stay with me



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August is gonna be hectic!

Where to start…

At the beginning…

2nd Aug – my brother-in-laws’ birthday

9th AugLola Montez evening

17th Aug – my birthday

18th Aug – Bingo Evening in support of Nachama Bereavement Centre

23rd Aug – my moms birthday and our party

31st Aug – holiday at The Nest (ok so this one really goes into September, sue me!)

I think there may be more that I am missing but these are the big events.

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Baby day…

Two significant baby things happened today.

1. Tertia gave birth to baby Max this morning at 7:45 weighing in at a cool 3.515 kg.

2. I got to hold and feed my friend Eli’s one month old baby girl, Mia.

I am so so so excited for Tertia, what an amazing journey she has had so far and may little Max bring only joy and love to her and her family.

Little Princess Mia is the cutest, sweetest, most delicious baba.  She is so cute and cuddly and made me extra broody.  I am offering my baby sitting services Eli, I expect you to take me up on my offer!

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