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Your favourite things – Aaron

Time for an update.  The first post is here.

TV programme:  You adore Boomerang.  You absolutely love Tom & Jerry as well as Scooby Doo.
iPhone App:  You still love Angry Birds.
Meal:  Pizza!  With black olives.  I think this is never ever going to change although you do eat chicken nuggets quite often.
Fruit:  Red apples and grapes.
Vegetable:  YOu have started eating baked potatoes at aftercare, now if only you would eat them at home.
Breakfast:  Any chocolate cereal.
Drink:  Cream Soda.
Toy:  You love your LeapPad!
You love:  Your sister, school, going to Serendipity, playing outside.


Something that happened yesterday:
You had a small wobbly when I dropped you at school, you thought I wasnt going to come fetch you but soon enough you were ok adn off playing with Sam and Noah.

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Nursery school!

After a little bit of confusion regarding when Aaron was supposed to start school, we finally started today!

Yesterday we met Nana (my mom) at Woolies so we could buy a new school bag, we couldnt find a Ben Ten bag but we found another superhero one that came with a squeezy juice bottle and Aaron was very happy with it.  I also got him his very own thermal lunch box.

He went to sleep last night chattering about ‘big’ school and his teacher and all the friends he will make.

This morning he got dressed, ate breakfast and was super excited to go to school.

I have to admit that I was preparing myself for drama.  A small #AaronTantrum perhaps or at least tears and feet dragging when it came time to go to school.  I was very pleasantly surprised at how cool, calm and collected my big boy was.

When we got to school he couldnt wait to show his new bag to everyone, the security guard, the moms and dads and the other kids.

He didnt even want to hold my hand which made me want to cry a little but I was strong and held back the tears with a big goofy grin instead.

We found his classroom and the teacher showed us his locker and his towel in the bathroom and then we sat down to play with a little boy called Sam.  There was also a little girl whose name is Erin and the two of them found it very amusing that they have the same name.  The one little girl that was at play school with him arrived and came to sit with us.

After a few minutes I told Aaron that I needed to go to work and he hugged me and off he went to do a puzzle.  Not a care in the world.

Im so happy.  He is such a confident little boy and I just know he is going to have such a great time at ‘big’ school.


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My boy is 4!

On Saturday, my 1st born, my son, my little munchkin boy turned 4.


We had an absolute blast at his party yesterday and today was his birthday ring at playschool (the last one there, next one will be at nursery school).

Here are some pics from this morning 🙂

Waiting for the party to start

Not loving being the centre of attention

birthday crown

Blowing out candles


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Your favourite things – Aaron

I spotted this on Cat’s blog, Jenty’s blog and Tanya’s blog and I thought what a wonderful way to remember the kids childhoods.

Im starting with Aaron…

TV programme:  You love anything on Disney Jnr, especially Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Mickey Mouse Club House.  You have also discovered Sponge Bob Square Pants…
iPhone App:  You love Angry Birds and the Incy Wincy Spider game on my your iPod Touch
Meal:  Pizza!  With black olives.
Fruit:  Red apples.
Vegetable:  Ummmm whats that?  Is an olive a vegetable?
Breakfast:  Coco Pops.
Drink:  Cream Soda.
Toy:  Hmmm, you love your new dragon that Cheryl and Raymond gave you for your birthday.
You love:  Your sister, drawing, playing outside, school and your nanny, Aletta.

Something that happened yesterday:
Yesterday you were a little bit sick so you stayed home from school.  You LOVE staying home almost as much as you love going to school.  Mainly cause you got to help Aletta clean the windows with the squeegee…


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Swim fishy swim…

Round about this time last year we started taking Aaron to swimming classes.  We took him to a teacher who had a few kids in the class and was a little kooky and crazy.  Aaron loved him.  The swimming?  Not so much.

Aaron and I spent about 2 months, one lesson a week arguing negotiating how much of Aarons body he would allow to get wet.  By the end of the year we were sitting on the step but only during the last 10 minutes of the class.

In December the teacher went on holiday and told me that he would call me when he was back.  He never did.  I think he just didnt want to deal with Aaron and his water issues.  I then had Faith and I never followed up with lessons in the new year.

Ah yes, water issues.  Lets go back a few years to bathing a new born Aaron.  He screamed.  He cried.  He really did not like bathing.  He especially did not like getting his head wet and to this day washing Aarons hair is a trauma akin to bathing 10 cats in one go.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.

With summer upon us, swimming lessons became a topic of conversation once again.  Paul got the number of a swimming school from one of the moms at Aarons play school and I gave them a call.  We arranged to have two 20 minute lessons a week.  There are three instructors and each instructor has no more than 4 children at a time.

The first lesson was a disaster.  Aaron screamed blue murder.  We left.

The next lesson he agreed to sit on the side of the step with his feet in the water.  Half way through his ‘lesson’, the one instructor from the ‘baby’ class came to sit on the step with him.  She chatted to him and got him to throw some toys onto the step and then get up and walk to pick them up, she even got him to sit on her lap in the water before getting out the pool.

The next week the same teacher asked Aaron if he would like to come sit on the step in the baby pool with her.  (There are two pools, a large regular pool and a smaller baby pool with two steps and a shallow end, no deep end).  He agreed.  He threw toys on the steps and sat on the top step for most of the lesson.

The 4th lesson was amazing.  He blew bubbles with his face in the water and even let the teacher hold him and take him into the water.

Yesterdays lesson made me cry with pride for my big boy.  He not only got onto the pool noodle (which he had point blank refused to even touch before) but he ducked his whole head under the water.  He even let me go sit in the car instead of by the side of the pool.

I think he is learning to love swimming 🙂  I cannot wait for tomorrows lesson!



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three sixty five

I cannot believe how fast the last year has gone by!

A few days before mothers day last year we found out that after a year of trying we were finally pregnant with Faith.  I was about 4 weeks along.

On mothers day last year we had our first family shoot with Jenty.

Look how much Aaron has grown…

From this:

To this:

From 3:

To 4:

I truly cannot describe how blessed I am.


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Pick n Pay Real Baby

A little while ago Pick n Pay asked me if I would like to review their new range of baby products.

With an active 3 year old and a new baby on the way I jumped at the chance.

This is what arrived for us last week:

  • 1 x pack Junior #5 nappies (46) – R119.99
  • 1x pack Mini #2 nappies (44) – R82.99
  • Cotton Wool Pleats (100g) – R13.99
  • Cotton Puffs (50g) – R13.99
  • Wipes (72) – R27.99
  • Cotton Buds for Baby (50) – R10.99
  • Aqueous Cream (250ml) – R12.99
  • Petroleum Jelly (250ml) – R13.59
  • Baby Soap (100g) – R5.29
  • Nappy Cream (75ml) – R15.99
  • Baby Lotion (200ml) – R18.99
  • Body Wash (400ml) – R23.99
  • Baby Oil (200ml) – R17.29
  • Baby Powder (300g) – R17.69
  • Hygiene Liquid (500ml) – R24.99

*prices taken from the Pick n Pay Online Store.

I was totally blown away by the package that arrived for us.  The best part is that these are not sample sizes but the actual sizes you will find in store.

The eye catching yellow, white and grey packaging is great, and Aaron was all over the bottles and tubs naming the cute animal drawings on each product.  I was excited to see that all the creams, lotions and powders have chamomile extract in them, this soothing extract is wonderful to help put niggly babies at ease (and its smells great too).

I must admit we haven’t tried any of the products yet.  The reason being that we had just opened a new pack of nappies for Aaron and we are waiting to finish those before opening the Pick n Pay ones.  As for the other products, poor Aaron is missing out, Im being selfish and hanging onto those for theSQL.  She should be here in the next 3 weeks and I am so grateful I dont need to buy any toiletries for her now.

I did open almost all the bottles and tubs and they smell divine, the chamomile extract is delish and Im sure its going to be very soothing for the baby.

Watch this space for our review of the Junior nappies in the next few days…


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Proud mama!

I am so proud of Aaron.

He is pretty much toilet trained when it comes to wee-ing and will 99% of the time stand on his step and wee in the toilet (as apposed to the 1% of the time that he insists on watering my plants).  And we haven’t had an accident in so long I actually dont remember when it was!

Number 2’s are another story, he still wont do them in the toilet and asks for his nappy.  But… he will hold it in until we can get a nappy on him.

He undresses himself like a star.  Taking off shoes, socks, pants, undies and his shirt all by himself.  He gets so excited and makes sure we all know that he ‘did it!’

And to top it all off he is now pretty much dressing himself too!  Shoes, undies and pants!  He still needs help if there are socks involved and he hasnt quite got the hang of his shirt yet.

Im so proud of my big boy!


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21 Weeks: Then and Now

So we are officially past the halfway mark.  Im excited and nervous all at the same time.  I cant wait to meet our little girl but Im nervous at how our family dynamic is going to change.  Aaron seems quite excited at the arrival of his sister and has already told me that he is going to share all his soft toys with her because “sharing is caring, mommy!”

I asked Paul to take some shots of the belly so I could show you a comparison between #theSQL at half way and Aaron at halfway and Aaron insisted on having his belly shot too…

Here is my belly at about half way with Aaron.

And here is my 21 week belly with #theSQL.


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Aaron’s first haircut!

So some of you may know that we have been waiting for Aaron to turn 3 before he has a haircut.  This is called an Upsherin and it is not a Jewish law but more of a tradition.

My beautiful boy had the most beautiful white blond locks.

But having all the gorgeous hair has caused some issues.

He refuses to tie it up, so it gets in his eyes when he is playing.

He wont even clip it back.

When you pulled a shirt on or off him his hair got caught and pulled and he was sore.

The biggest issue was a huge matted knot at the back of his head.   This knot was almost impossible to wash and comb out, we tried everything!  It looked too hideous.

So we decided that it was time for a haircut.

We took Aaron to a salon in Benmore Centre where Maria, who specialises in kids hair cuts helped us out.

Here is a shot of HALF the knot that she cut off… the other half she had to brush out in order to cut his hair properly.

Aaron was so good during the haircut.  He never made a single peep! Just sat on my lap and let Maria cut his hair.  I was so proud of him!!  We did promise that he would go to the toy shop and he would get a prize if he was good.  He wanted a robot but we settled on a Play Doh set, with 4 different doughs, cutters, scissors, extruders and a nifty bag as well as a Buzz Lightyear water pistol.

As you all know Aaron throws spectacular tantrums dubbed #AaronTantrums.  We were really concerned he would have a meltdown since this was something completely new to him but my big boy proved us wrong and behaved like an absolute star.

Here is my big boy!  No longer my little baby 😦  So so so proud of you my angel!


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