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Your favourite things – Faith

Update time for Faith, original post here.

TV programme:  You watch anything that comes on CBeebies but you particularly like Tellytubbies.
iPhone App:  You love pressing the home button on my iPhone and swiping your finger across the screen.  Good thing I have a code or I would be in trouble.
Meal:  You eat everything.  You love food.  At the moment you particularly like bananas.
Fruit:  Bananas.
Vegetable:  Tomatoes and cucumber and carrots.
Breakfast:  Toast and cereal.
Drink:  You love sneaking sips of cold drink.
Toy:  Your pink princess bike/car/walker thing.
You love:  Your brother, the dogs (actually any animals), walking while holding someones hand, standing all by yourself.

Something that happened yesterday:
You managed to climb onto your princess bike/car thingy all by yourself.  You were so proud of yourself until you had to get off and couldnt figure out how, then you just shrieked for someone to help you.

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Trouble spelt f.a.i.t.h.

Boy oh boy.

Aaron was a really well behaved baby.

He tried opening a few cupboards, we got cupboard locks and left one open for him and filled it with tupperware and plastic stuff.  He knew that this was his cupboard and for the most part he left the others alone.

He never threw things in the toilet, he never climbed out his cot, he did occasionally draw on the tv or on a wall and he did shove a few straws down the sink drain but all in all he hardly ever got into trouble.

Faith on the other hand…

She is so adventurous, she opens and closes everything, she goes straight for the plugs and gets into everything she shouldn’t.

Including the toilet this afternoon.  I caught her red pink handed with her hands in the toilet bowl, newly cleaned with Toilet Duck (thank heavens I know the bowl was clean).  She threw such a hissy fit when I took her away from the toilet but got over it pretty quickly when I washed her hands under the tap and then got pissed off again when I wouldn’t let her carry on playing with the water in the sink.

I think this one is going to keep us on our toes!

About two minutes after I posted this a turned around and found this!

Juice is far more fun on me and the floor than in the bottle!


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Once bitten twice shy…

I always said that the day Faith bites me is the day I stop breastfeeding.

Tonight Faith bit me for the second time.

The first time was the middle of the night, she wouldnt go to sleep and was screaming and wouldn’t be calmed, I offered her the boob to see if that would help and she bit me.  It wasnt her fault, it wasnt mine.  She was angry and frustrated.  Children bite when they cant contain or express anger and frustration.  Especially when they cant talk.

In fact I thought it was quite funny because earlier that day I was speaking to Sharon about breastfeeding and biting and had said that Faith had never bitten me… Ok, Im not sure why that would be funny 😦

Tonight I came home and Faith was still awake, very sleepy and about to doze off and I decided to offer her the boob since the last time she had milk was 3 hours earlier and it often sends her to sleep.  Well, she opened her mouth no problem, didnt make a single sound and then bit me again.

Those two little chompers are bloody sharp!

Im a little hesitant to put my boobs anywhere near her mouth again.  Im not sure what to do.  Do I stop breastfeeding and go with formula?  Do I keep trying, never knowing when she will decide to bite?  Do I express and offer bottles (that she doesnt take from me, the one who gets up for her in the night…)?

I also always said that I would only breastfeed until she was a year old, thats in just under two months time.  Also, expressing isnt that great, I definitely dont get as much milk expressing as I do when she sucks.  Also, if I stop breastfeeding her I will lose my beautiful C cup boobs (selfish reason to keep going, I know).

So, what do you guys think?


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Your favourite things – Faith

I spotted this on Cat’s blogJenty’s blog and Tanya’s blog and I thought what a wonderful way to remember the kids childhoods.

Now for Faith…

TV programme:  You dont really watch TV but if you are sitting in the lounge and the theme music (for ANY show) comes on, you look at the screen adn rock back and forth and smile.
iPhone App:  You love chewing on my BlackBerry, does that count?
Meal:  Food, did someone say food?  You eat anything and everything, especially if someone else is eating it, you just have to try it.
Fruit:  Apples..
Vegetable:  Like Ashlyn you love tomatoes, especially the rosa tomatoes (even though they are really a fruit).
Breakfast:  Banana and strawberry porridge.
Drink:  Mothers milk, really…
Toy:  Your new favourite toy is a magnetic house thingy that sings the alphabet (in an australian accent), it was a present from your Ozzy cousins for your brother a little while ago.  You love pressing the button to make the music and singing start and you totally rock out to the ABC.
You love:  Your brother, chewing on things, your taggie(s), the dogs and your nanny, Aletta.


Something that happened yesterday:
Its not something that happened yesterday exactly but its been happening over the last week or so.  You have become mobile.  You dont crawl as such, its more of a one legged, two armed leopard crawl, but it gets you from A to B.


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Moms, babes, Huggies and growing bigger…

Two weekends ago, Huggies hosted a moms and babes get together at River Cafe and I was one of the lucky moms who got to go along.

It was absolutely awesome.  Not only did I get to see a whole bunch of super awesome ladies but I got to meet a whole bunch of super awesome ladies I hadn’t met in real life before too.

I have to admit, I am really sorry I never had Twitter when Aaron was a baby.  Having all these moms in my phone and on my computer has been an amazing experience with Faith.  I know if I have a question all I have to do is tweet it and I have a multitude of answers in a heartbeat.

Im so grateful for all the friends Faith and I have made 🙂

Huggies really went all out with an amazing breakfast spread for moms and kids, a face painter and balloon artist for the kids and a pressie to take home for the babas as well as a bit of Sorbet pampering for the mamas.

Now, Huggies asked me what size nappies Faith wore and I said a size 3.  Lets just say that our Huggies nappies we got are the last pack of size 3 nappies Faith will wear.  My baby is growing and we just bought a pack of size 4 (!) nappies for her…

Oh and before I forget, Huggies was kind enough to give Nicki two extra Sorbet vouchers to give away.  But hurry, you only have until tomorrow to hop on over to her blog and enter!!


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Ballerina Baby

So in April I bought Faith one of the first MandyMoo Baby outfits that Mandi and Marieka created, Faith was almost 4 months old the outfit was 6-12 months.  Today my beautiful ballerina got to wear her outfit.  She loved it and kept trying to eat her tutu 😉





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three sixty five

I cannot believe how fast the last year has gone by!

A few days before mothers day last year we found out that after a year of trying we were finally pregnant with Faith.  I was about 4 weeks along.

On mothers day last year we had our first family shoot with Jenty.

Look how much Aaron has grown…

From this:

To this:

From 3:

To 4:

I truly cannot describe how blessed I am.


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Our beautiful girl has a name :)

Faith Sigal Jacobson

A few people have asked why we waited to name her so here is the story.

Boys are named at their bris (circumcision) on the 8th day.  Its not forbidden to announce the name before the bris but in a metaphysical sense the child only ‘receives’ his name during the ceremony at his bris.

The naming of a Jewish girl is a very spiritual moment.  The naming ceremony is linked to the public reading of the Torah.  This is usually on a Monday, Thursday or Saturday morning.  The blessing begins with a prayer for the mother’s health. It continues with the giving of the baby’s name and a prayer that this new Jewish daughter should grow to be a wise and understanding Jewish woman of goodness and greatness.

Since Faith was born on Sunday, Paul should have been in shul on the Monday to name her but the service started very early and he wasnt able to make it as he was looking after Aaron.  Today is a public holiday and as such Shul started a bit later and one of the teachers from Aarons school offered to look after him while Paul was at Shul.  So Paul named her today.

Traditionally Ashkenazi Jews name children after a deceased relative, not only to honour the deceased but also to inspire the child to live up to that persons name.  Serphadi Jews name after living relatives as well as deceased relatives.

We are Ashkenazi and as such chose to name Faith after my grandmother who passed away almost a year ago.  Her ‘english’ name was Fanyse and her Hebrew name was Feiga.  Faiths second name is Sigal, it is a hebrew name meaning violet (sigalit is a type of violet in Israel) or meaning treasure.  We chose Sigal to honour my late grandfather Sydney and Pauls late aunt Sandra.

Her hebrew name is Feiga Sigal bat Nachama (Feiga Sigal ‘daughter of’ Nechama – my hebrew name).

So, in a nutshell, Faith received her name today at shul in honour of two great grandparents and a great aunt.


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