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A meme

I havent done one of these for a while so when I saw this on Wenchy’s blog I jumped right in!

Shot a gun
Gone on a blind date X
Skipped school X
Saw someone die X
Visited America
Visited Mauritius
Visited Europe
Visited Australia
Visited Sun City  X
Visited Cape Town. X
Been to  Victoria Falls
Been to court.  X
Been lost  X
Travelled to the opposite side of the country (by car!)
Visited Pretoria X
Swam in the Ocean X
Cried yourself to sleep X
Played cops and robbers X
Played cowboys and Indians X
Recently coloured with crayons X
Travelled by train  X
Sang Karaoke X
Sang a solo or duet in church
Paid for a meal with coins only
Made prank phone calls X
Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose X
Caught a snowflake on your tongue
Had children  X
Had a pet   X
Been skinny-dipping outdoors  X
Been fishing X
Been boating  X
Been downhill skiing & made it down the hill without falling
Been water skiing
Been camping in a trailer
Been camping in a tent
Flown in a small 4-seater airplane
Flown in a helicopter
Flown in a hot air balloon.
Walked on a glacier
Driven a motorcycle/been a passenger
Been bungee-jumping
Gone to a drive-in movie X
Done something that could have killed you-but didn’t
Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life  X
Met Nelson Mandela
Visited Asia
Rode an elephant
Eaten biscuits or cake for dinner: X
and ice cream for breakfast. X
Stolen any traffic signs
Stolen any traffic cones
Been in a car accident X
Donated blood
Played bowls (old man’s marbles)

Play along with us. Mark all the things you HAVE done with an X 🙂


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Gratitude: Days 24 to 30

Im taking part in a photo challenge.

You can see the first 6 days here and days 7 to 14 here.

You can see days 15 to 23 here.

Day 24: gratitude - I'm so grateful that I'm able to make even this small contribution. #CutForCANSA


Day 25: artwork - the print we bought at the iPhonography exhibit. @Jenty sold it to benefit #teamjp


Day 26: transportation - my baby 🙂


Day 27: daily routine - tea! Can't start my day without it. Even if it's just one sip 🙂


Day 28: nighttime - the street light outside my house


Day 29: light - through the clouds. The sun will shine


Day 30: self portrait - mwa!


Im a little bit sorry I wont have anymore daily photos to take.  This was fun!


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Random facts are me :)

I was given an award by Tanya over at Dear Max (check out their spiffy new home on the web!)

So I have to tell you 7 random facts about me and then tag 15 bloggers to do the same.

Here goes!

  1. I hate painting my finger nails but love having my toe nails painted.
  2. I could speak in full sentences (no baby talk) by the time I was 1 year old.
  3. I have a very short temper but a very short memory too, once its over its over, I move on.
  4. I cant sleep with my feet out the blankets, they have to be tucked in.
  5. I always wanted to own a book store with a fire place reading nook, just so I could curl up with any book I liked and read all day.
  6. I wish I was tall.
  7. If I could have a 2 hour nap every single day I would be the happiest person ever.

And the 15 bloggers are:

  1. acidicice
  2. Because I Can
  3. Cinderella Trippin’
  4. Everything In Between
  5. Getting By
  6. Her Royal Cuteness
  7. I am Tamiya
  8. Jessica Giggles
  9. Keeping up with the Walkers
  10. Kambabe’s Thoughts
  11. Love.Cybelle
  12. Lovely Light
  13. Mandi Made It
  14. Mom’s Meanderings
  15. Roro’s Rantings



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Gratitude: Days 15 to 23

Im taking part in a photo challenge.

You can see the first 6 days here and days 7 to 14 here.

Day 15: technology - no one said it had to be modern tech. My grans original electric sewing machine


Day 16: - animals - this is my mothers dog Bones. I'm grateful that I get to live with her 3 pups 🙂


Day 17: memories - thanks mom for taking the photos 🙂


Day 18: something new - fresh summer fruit 🙂


Day 19: best friend - @wendilk. She had to send me the pic cause she doesnt work with me anymore 😦


Day 20: seasonal - or unseasonal since its supposed to be hot and sunny. I love this weather though 🙂 #nofilter


Day 21: where you sleep - Im so so so grateful for our king size extra length bed. @pauljacobson is slightly more grateful though #talldude


Day 22: clothing - my outfit today. Dress from my moms cupboard. Jeans from Truworths. Shoes from local artist at the Bryanston Organic Market.


Day 23: in your closet - Ummm ja. Not gonna happen. It's a mess. Sorry 😉


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Gratitude: The next 8 days

Im taking part in a photo challenge.

You can see the first 6 days here.

Day 7: something funny - Faith's bed head 🙂


Day 8: favourite colour - #red


Day 9: inspiring person - my mommy! The strongest, smartest, most beautiful lady I know!


Day 10: nature - a corner of my moms garden. Bliss


Day 11: something old - Funk & Wagnalls dictionary circa 1949


Day 12: Hands - Hubband and wif


Day 13: written words - support the cause


Day 14: movement - how awesome is it that I get to watch my baby girl wiggle around 🙂


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Gratitude: The first 6 days

Im taking part in a photo challenge.

Here are the first 6 photos.

day 1: favourite food. All food is my fave, today this tops my list 🙂


day 2: smile - I'm so grateful to be able to draw smiles with my big boy!


day 3: happiness - my almost 1 year old 🙂


day 4: leaves - I am so grateful to have not 1 but 2 purple bougainvillea plants outside my bedroom. The 'petals' are actually leaves 🙂


day 5: morning sky - I'm grateful for the rain we might get later today #nofilter


day 6: books - just a small portion of our book shelf... About 1/5 of the space...


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zoom in on gratitude: 30 day photo challenge

I found this awesome photo challenge over at Alida‘s blog (she found it here) and I think I am going to give it a bash 🙂

From tomorrow Im going to post every day to Instagram and will do a summery post every few days here for those that dont follow me on Twitter (why dont you? No, really! Go follow me now!)



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What I Wore Today or WIWT

I found this great meme at Cats blog and she got it from MelB’s blog and so here is my WIWT (please excuse the awful BB pics)…



Black leggings – Truworths 2 years ago

‘Grape’ dress with octopus detail – Thailand

Black waterfall cardi – Truworths

Black lace up Kelso boots – from my mommy’s cupboard

Long sleeve black t-shirt – Two Clothing


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My favourite things right now – A meme.

Looks like Jenty has started a new meme 😉  Here is one that Cat did too 🙂


Favourite Shop – Woolies and (I only discovered it yesterday) The Food Lovers Market!

Favourite chocolate – Any bitter sweet chocolate, I also love anything with praline

Favourite Cookie – If you mean cupcake then The Cupcake Lady’s red velvet with cream cheese icing, if you mean biscuit then Woolies chocolate dipped digestives

Favourite food – Roast chicken

Favourite meal that I make – French toast on a Sunday night

Favourite flower – Barbeton daisy

Favourite colour to wear – Black

Favourite shoes – My new flat brown brown boots

Favourite drink – Water

Favourite lens – whatever comes on my point and shoot 😉

Favourite place to walk the dogs – You mean favourite place for the dogs to walk me?  They run in our garden.

Favourite place to take the kids – To the Genesis Park down the road.

Favourite coffee for every day at home – Nescafe Collection – Espresso

Favourite coffee shop – Dont really have one

Favourite pizza place – Piza è Vino at Melrose Arch

Favourite place to take photos – Wherever my kids are

Favourite place for holidays – Drakensburg, dying to go back

Favourite yoghurt  – plain Greek style yoghurt

Favourite man – Paul 😉

Favourite iPhone app – I dont have an iPhone but if I did then it would be Instagram

Favourite website – Twitter (sad I know, but it keeps me sane)

Favourite TV program – CSI, Supernatural, Stargate Universe

Feel free to add or delete any of the above, this is after all, YOUR favourite things 🙂


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Me meme…

Ok, found this here, here and here!

Age – I will be 32 this year.

Bed size –King size extra length.  I used to have a regular double, then I moved in with Paul and I will never be able to sleep on anything smaller ever again!

Chore you hate – Cleaning the bath tub.  It never comes clean enough no matter what I do.

Dogs – 3 Daschunds, Salami, Bandit and Stuart.

Essential start to your day – I am not a morning person, it takes me at least an hour to thaw out, regardless of what time I wake up or how I start my day.

Favourite colour – Black.  It goes with everything.

Gold or silver – Platinum, white gold or silver.

Height – I am just shy of 5 foot.

Instruments that you can play – I took piano lessons as a kid with the intent to play the harp.  I sucked at it.  I cannot read music!

Job title – Card Controller

Kids – Aaron, 3 years 5 months old and Faith, 4 months old.

Live – Jozi!

Mom’s name – Lindy

Nicknames – G, Gi, Geen, GMama, Gnat (an amalgamation of my full name, Gina-Natalie)

Overnight hospital stays – So many, where to start… Tonsils as a child, many many teeth taken out as a child, 2 burst eardrums as a child, fixed a broken nose as a teenager, stayed for two nights for IV antibiotics due to a HS cyst on my lip, the birth of each of my kids and there are possibly more I have forgotten about…

Pet peeve – People who pull out to the right to turn left (and vice versa), kids not strapped into car seats, people who chew with their mouths open or talk with their mouths full, bad grammar and some more pet peeves here.

Quote from a movie – Martin Riggs: “Flied lice?” Uncle Benny: “Flied lice? It’s fried rice, you plick.” – Lethal Weapon 4

Righty or lefty – Righty.

Siblings – 2 brothers.

Time you wake up –Whenever the baby wakes up.

Underwear – G-strings during the day, boy shorts to sleep in.

Vegetables you dislike – I eat pretty much anything.  I dont like peas though unless they are the Koo baby peas out the tin.

What makes you run late – Paul! He runs on what we call Jacobson time… drives me nuts!

X-rays – Nose, teeth, hips.

Yummy food you make –I bake pretty well and I make a pretty mean roast chicken.

Zoo favourite animal – I like the primates and the elephants.


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